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Modernizing Digital Identity

Validating, Verifying, and Securing a Safer Future

We help individuals and businesses minimize fraud, ensure regulatory compliance, boost revenue, and provide a fast and seamless customer experience.

Individual Identity Embracing Truth and Transparency

In today’s digital-first economy, prioritizing truthful and reliable information is essential. Whether you’re a consumer seeking accurate product details or a business verifying users’ age for compliance, ChainIT ensures unparalleled transparency, placing truth at the forefront of every interaction.

We believe your identity, your most precious possession, deserves genuine protection and authentic truth. ChainIT provides individuals and businesses with the necessary tools to validate identities and navigate the digital world with confidence, ensuring transparency in every interaction. Our unwavering commitment to data integrity and identity authenticity safeguards against vulnerabilities and exploitation, ensuring a secure and truthful experience for all.

Why ChainIT-ID

Immutable Ledger Technology

Leveraging blockchain technology, VDTs and identities become permanent, tamper-proof digital records providing a transparent account of the authenticity and history of any transaction and/or interaction.

Validated Data Tokens (VDT)

Data-driven permanent records connected to physical events or tickets, providing an extra layer of validation and security along with a detailed account of each transaction and event, significantly enhancing the validation process for entry and age verification.

Consumer-Owned Digital Autonomy

Digital identities securely kept in users' digital wallets empower individuals with autonomy, enabling control over their personal information, what is shared, and who it's shared with in all interactions.

Touch Audit

Allows for instant verification of any VDT to review and confirm its authenticity, streamlining entry processes while also ensuring regulatory compliance.

BeingID Levels

Evaluate digital identity credibility across ten levels using biometrics and VDT-IDs for individuals and organizations, ensuring authenticity and credibility.

Token Grading System

Offers a standardized method to assess data integrity, instilling confidence in interactions and transactions by evaluating data source, Being-ID levels, transmission, and storage.
User-Controlled Privacy: Feel Safer Sharing Less
Empowering Businesses with Validated and Verifiable Truth

Industry Specific Solutions

Identity Verification

Users can authenticate their identity more credibly and securely compared to
traditional identification documents by providing their ChainIT-ID.

Applying for a mortgage loan

Enrolling in school, college, or university

Submitting a job application

Accessing healthcare medical records

Registering to vote or participating in elections

Accessing secure records or legal documents

Applying for government benefits or social welfare programs

Applying for a driver's license or vehicle registration

Submitting tax returns or accessing tax-related services

Applying for permits or licenses, such as building permits or professional licenses

Applying for immigration services or residency permits.

Age Verification

Users can confirm their age for age-restricted environments by simply sharing only their name
and age, granting access to age-restricted venues and online applications.

Access into casinos, bars or clubs

Going to a movie theater to watch an age-restricted film

Entry into events at stadiums, concert venues, or sports arenas

Purchasing alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis

Renting vehicles

Buying age-restricted video games or movies in retail stores

Online gambling or sports betting

Adult entertainment websites

Gaming websites

Dating apps

Purchasing alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis

Accessing age-restricted online forums or communities

Your identity is your most valuable asset. With ChainIT-ID, we are committed to providing real safety, genuine protection, and unparalleled transparency. Transparency isn’t just a feature; it’s a core principle embedded in every interaction, fostering confidence in the authenticity of individuals’ identities. Beyond mere biometric verification, we’ve developed an ecosystem where digital identities are thoroughly validated to create a fraud-free environment, ensuring seamless access to physical establishments, venues, and online platforms.

Companies across the globe leverage ChainIT-ID, and here are just a few....

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