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ChainIT-ID for Organizations

Welcome to ChainIT-ID for Organizations, where we provide cutting-edge solutions to streamline and secure identity verification processes for businesses like yours. With our advanced technology and expertise, we help organizations of all sizes meet regulatory requirements, enhance user experience, and increase operational efficiency.

Power Your Organization With Frictionless Solutions

Age Verification

Ensure age compliance while providing easy access for adults without storing personal data.

Identity Verification

Verify and validate users' identities quickly and seamlessly without compromising security.

The Organizational Validated Data Token Identification (OVDT-ID) is a robust validation and verification system that elevates an organization’s identity, providing unparalleled truth and transparency in its operations. With immutable ledger-based verification, OVDT-IDs ensure authenticity and efficiency within operations across critical departments including products and services, financials, employees/individuals, and devices, empowering organizations with undeniable truth and certainty in interactions and transactions. OVDT-ID seamlessly integrates with Individual Validated Data Tokens (IVDT-ID) to establish a secure identity verification solution, guaranteeing regulatory compliance and a seamless experience for customers.

ChainIT protects businesses from regulatory risks while preserving user privacy with its robust age verification and biometric identity authentication solution. ChainIT-ID accurately confirms individuals’ age and identity, seamlessly integrating OVDT-IDs with IVDT-IDs. This integration ensures transparent and secure verification of all business transactions and interactions, effectively mitigating fraud risks and strengthening regulatory compliance. Organizations can confidently authenticate customer identities and validate ages both online and onsite. This comprehensive approach significantly reduces the risk of underage use and minimizes fraud, instilling confidence in business operations.

  • Regulatory Compliance Enhancement
  • Accurately verify users’ age and identity, reducing the risk of underage use
  • Increased Operational Efficiencies with Streamlined Age & Identity Verification
  • Mitigate Fraud Risk & Identity Theft
  • Protect Brand Integrity & Enhance Customer Confidence with Secure, Easy Access

ChainIT-ID empowers users with full control over their personal information through Individual Validated Data Token Identification (IVDT-IDs), enabling them to decide what information is shared, with whom, and for what duration. When age, identity, or other personal verification is needed, users can selectively disclose only the necessary information, safeguarding their privacy.  Seamlessly integrated with their driver’s license, these IVDT-IDs ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, offering a unified, user-centric verification solution across digital and physical environments.

  • Individual Identity Control
  • User Autonomy Privacy
  • Fast & Simple Age & Identity Verification
  • Secure Biometric Access & Data Sharing
  • Unified Identity Management

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The OVDT-ID Difference

BeingID Levels

Being-ID Levels evaluate digital identity credibility across ten levels, incorporating biometrics and VDT-IDs for individuals and organizations based on fraud and biometric checks during identity creation.

Token Grading System

The Token Grading System evaluates the integrity of the data regarding its source, transmission, and storage.

Ledger System

The OVDT-ID encompasses six specialized ledgers, forming a comprehensive validation framework that grants organizations complete transparency, security, and verification throughout their operations.

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By joining the ChainIT business network, you gain access to an ecosystem of trusted partners and platforms, offering your customers a secure way to verify their identities across various environments. Become a transparent business that seamlessly integrates into your customers’ everyday digital lives, helping shape the future of truth and reliability.

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