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In the modern era, your online presence creates a trace – a digital footprint spanning online banking, social media, government databases, and beyond. At ChainIT, we believe it’s time for you to take control of your digital identity, and we’ve pioneered an innovative solution to achieve it with Individual Validated Data Token™ – ID (IVDT-ID).

ChainIT allows for unparalleled flexibility in data sharing. Effortlessly access and manage your digital identity, assets, and interactions through an innovative, user-friendly application. With your IVDT-ID, you’re in control of your personal information, choosing how it’s shared, with whom, and for what duration. Carry your identity information securely and seamlessly across online and in-person environments, no matter where your journey leads.

Industry-Specific Solutions

ChainIT-ID leads the way in digital identity verification solutions, tailored across diverse industries and settings.

Identity Verification

Users can authenticate their identity more credibly and securely compared to
traditional identification documents by providing their ChainIT-ID.

Applying for a mortgage loan

Enrolling in school, college, or university

Submitting a job application

Accessing healthcare medical records

Registering to vote or participating in elections

Accessing secure records or legal documents

Applying for government benefits or social welfare programs

Applying for a driver's license or vehicle registration

Submitting tax returns or accessing tax-related services

Applying for permits or licenses, such as building permits or professional licenses

Applying for immigration services or residency permits.

Age Verification

Users can confirm their age for age-restricted environments by simply sharing only their name
and age, granting access to age-restricted venues and online applications.

Access into casinos, bars or clubs

Going to a movie theater to watch an age-restricted film

Entry into events at stadiums, concert venues, or sports arenas

Purchasing alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis

Renting vehicles

Buying age-restricted video games or movies in retail stores

Online gambling or sports betting

Adult entertainment websites

Gaming websites

Dating apps

Purchasing alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis

Accessing age-restricted online forums or communities

How It Works

Users Validate Their Age in 3 Simple Steps

Scan QR Code

Scan the QR code provided by the Restricted Website from your phone to access the ChainIT App.

Biometric Verification

The ChainIT App opens to a selfie screen for biometric validation, where it scans your face.

Validate Age

Click "Validate Age" in the user profile, and once confirmed, you will be granted access to the website.

With its state-of-the-art technology, advanced functionalities, and unparalleled control, ChainIT-ID is the ideal choice for individuals seeking to manage their personal data with autonomy and ease.

Consumer-Owned Digital Autonomy

Empowerment in your hands! With your IVDT-ID securely stored in your digital wallet, seize full autonomy over your personal information. Decide what to share, when to share it, and with whom, empowering you to control your digital identity and all your interactions.

Robust Identity Verification

Creating your IVDT-ID involves a simple, yet sophisticated authentication process by cross-referencing your physical ID with a captured selfie, compared to the government ID database. When all three identity templates align, a unique biometric binary code template is generated, becoming your IVDT-ID. This meticulous, multi-layered verification process, ensures the highest level of security and authenticity for your digital identity.

Grading and Rating

Every IVDT-ID undergoes a thorough assessment, earning a grade and rating for digital identity credibility. The validation process integrates the Token Grading System™, utilizing diverse verification methods and a 10 level rating system. This grading system guarantees unmatched reliability in user interactions, boosting credibility and fostering confidence for everyone involved.

Immutable Identity Records

Leveraging immutable ledger technology, our platform ensures digital identities and interactions attain permanence and tamper-proof status. The Touch Audit enables instant authentication, offering transparency for each identity and transaction. This ensures a secure, truthful foundation for digital interactions, providing transparency in the authenticity and history of each transaction and user.

Go Passwordless

Experience seamless access with ChainIT’s biometric verification, eliminating the need for ID cards, badges, or event tickets. Your unique biometric becomes the key to effortless entry, ensuring a simplified and secure process. This password-less system not only streamlines your experience but also provides robust protection against identity theft, enhancing overall security.

Real-World Applications

Use your IVDT-ID to authenticate your age or identity for accessing restricted online websites, securing a mortgage, purchasing alcohol, and various other scenarios. This patented platform cultivates a safer, more secure digital world by ensuring authenticated identity across diverse contexts. It plays a pivotal role in bolstering online safety, reliability, and confidence in every digital and in-person interaction.

ChainIT-ID is transforming identity control by prioritizing user privacy, enhancing data integrity, and ushering in a new era of universally accepted, secure, consumer- controlled digital IDs.

Experience Individual Identity Control

Your digital identity is as unique and distinctive as your fingerprint, accessible solely through facial recognition. Create your today!

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