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Ensure Compliance with Accurate Age Verification

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About Age Verification

ChainIT provides a robust age verification solution to ensure regulatory compliance, maximize productivity, protect youth, and uphold your brand integrity. Utilizing multi-patented technology, advanced biometrics with government ID cross-referencing, and immutable ledgers, our platform delivers quick, secure, and highly accurate age verification and validation. ChainIT-ID enables your business to seamlessly verify users’ ages, swiftly granting access to age-appropriate users while automatically declining underage users to prevent unauthorized access to age-restricted content, goods, or services.

Regulatory Compliance Enhancement

ChainIT provides a secure age verification solution, leveraging immutable ledger technology and advanced biometrics with government ID cross-referencing to ensure regulatory compliance. With automated logs and auditable data records via the Touch Audit feature, we streamline regulatory reporting for businesses, guaranteeing seamless verification and compliance.

Increase Operational Efficiency & Maximize Productivity

By streamlining age verification through consumer-controlled digital identities, businesses can simplify their operational processes and enhance regulatory compliance with ChainIT-ID. Our automated verification process significantly reduces the need for manual age checks, minimizing errors, and freeing up resources for other critical tasks. This reduction in overhead costs enables your organization to optimize resource allocation and maximize productivity.

Fraud Prevention & Youth Protection

ChainIT utilizes a stringent age validation process using digital identity verification. By leveraging advanced biometrics, government database validation, and immutable ledger-based technology, we significantly mitigate the risks of fraud and prevent underage access to restricted content or products. Our robust system not only safeguards the youth but also ensures compliance with age requirement regulations, providing a secure environment for all users.

Brand Reputation & Consumer Confidence

Cultivate your reputation with ChainIT-ID by empowering individuals to effortlessly verify their age through facial recognition technology from any device, anywhere, while retaining full autonomy and without disclosing additional identity information. This highlights your commitment to data protection, safeguarding customers' privacy, and cultivating lasting relationships with your clientele.

How It Works

Users Validate Their Age in 3 Simple Steps

Scan QR Code

Scan the QR code provided by the Restricted Website from your phone to access the ChainIT App.

Biometric Verification

The ChainIT App opens to a selfie screen for biometric validation, where it scans your face.

Validate Age

Click "Validate Age" in the user profile, and once confirmed, you will be granted access to the website.

Privacy by Design

You don’t need to know someone’s name or even their date of birth to verify their age. Our Privacy by Design approach allows users to autonomously prove they’re the right age without sharing any personal information. With consumer owned and controlled digital identities, we don’t share or store any personal data, protecting the privacy of your users and your brand against data leaks.

Frictionless User Experience

With consumer-owned digital identities, users can quickly and seamlessly access age-restricted content, services, or products. The swift age verification process, utilizing biometric technology, eliminates the need for passwords, ensuring a positive and uninterrupted user experience. By prioritizing privacy and security, ChainIT-ID instills confidence and a sense of protection in users.

Business Path to Compliance

ChainIT-ID ensures your website complies with age verification laws enacted across multiple states, ranging from North Carolina’s HB 8 to California’s proposed measures. Our comprehensive solution, which seamlessly integrates with existing systems, is continuously updated to reflect the latest legal requirements, ensuring perpetual compliance. Through automated logs and auditable data records via the Touch Audit feature, we streamline regulatory reporting for businesses, guaranteeing smooth verification and compliance processes.

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