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Fast and Easy Individual Identity Creation

Digital Identity Creation

ChainIT offers a comprehensive solution for creating digital identities, also known as Individual Validated Data Token – ID (IVDT-ID.)  Creating your IVDT-ID involves sophisticated verification through the ChainIT app, where your identity undergoes a rigorous authentication process, comparing a biometric hash of your face captured in a selfie with your driver’s license photo.

These images are then cross- referenced with government ID databases. Only when all three identity templates match perfectly is a unique biometric binary code template generated, forming your IVDT-ID (Individual Validated Data Token Identification.)  This multi-layered verification process guarantees the highest level of security and authenticity for digital identities, and is securely stored in your consumer-owned digital wallet, ensuring permanent record-keeping.

Through this process, ChainIT not only confirms your identity but also establishes your connection and involvement in various documents and processes, ensuring the integrity of your digital identity.

Create your individual identity or IVDT-ID with ChainIT robust identity verification platform.

Your Identity, Your Terms

With user-owned and controlled digital identities, ChainIT-ID provides a simple, secure, and
autonomous way of proving who you are on your terms. Create yours today!

Anyone can create an IVDT-ID

It's an easy & straightforward process.

How to create your IVDT-ID

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