Identity Verification

Verified and Validated Customers
for Authentic Identity Assurance

About Identity Verification

ChainIT-ID provides a comprehensive identity verification solution tailored to shield your organization from regulatory risks while prioritizing user privacy. Our solution leverages immutable ledger technology to establish permanent, tamper-proof digital identities, complemented by advanced biometric technology and government ID cross-referencing. This synergy creates a robust identity verification framework. With patented technology anchoring our platform, ChainIT-ID guarantees the highest levels of online safety, reliability, and confidence in every online or in-person identity verification interaction or transaction.

Elevate Regulatory Compliance

With ChainIT-ID, your business seamlessly meets identity verification requirements while automating transaction logging and maintaining auditable data records. Advanced biometrics and government ID cross-referencing ensure regulatory compliance without sacrificing efficiency.

Enhance User Experience

Say goodbye to forgotten passwords and cumbersome security codes. With ChainIT-ID, individuals can authenticate their identity effortlessly using facial recognition technology from any device, anywhere. This verified identity can then be seamlessly utilized across multiple services and applications, reducing redundancy and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Our streamlined identity verification process minimizes manual input and mitigates the risk of errors, resulting in increased operational efficiency for your business.

Mitigate Fraud Risk & Identity Theft

ChainIT-ID employs a rigorous identity verification and validation process, harnessing cutting-edge biometrics, government database validation, and immutable ledger-based technology to minimize the risks associated with fraud and identity theft.

Creating Your Digital Identity

ChainIT provides a fast and easy way to create individual digital identities, called Individual Validated Data Tokens – ID (IVDT-ID). The process of creating an IVDT-ID involves 3 easy steps using the ChainIT app.

Modernizing Digital Identity

ChainIT-ID's digital identity solution is the key to seamless verification in various scenarios, including:

Applying for a mortgage loan

Enrolling in school, college, or university

Submitting a job application

Accessing healthcare medical records

Registering to vote or participating in elections

Accessing secure records or legal documents

Applying for government benefits or social welfare programs

Applying for a driver's license or vehicle registration

Submitting tax returns or accessing tax-related services

Applying for permits or licenses, such as building permits or professional licenses

Applying for immigration services or residency permits.

Experience the Power of ChainIT-ID Firsthand

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